Top 5 Hottest Episodes of Hot Ones

Food, Celebrity, and Pain

You’ve really gotta earn that plug. I was first introduced to this show because I follow Henry Rollins on all social media and that was my gateway to the show, which is in its 4th season. For those of you not familiar with the show, host, Sean Evans, who declares, “This is the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.” His delivery is as charismatic as dry cardboard, but he seems like a good guy and with the amount and caliber of hot sauce the guy consumes you have to assume that he’s not a guy to be messed with.  Anyway, the idea is Sean asks questions of his celebrity guests between bites of wings doused in ascending degrees of Scovilles (the measure of heat pungency). And yes, people do tap out. I would actually like to see a series of guests 15 minutes after they leave the “Hot Ones” set.

“This is the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.”

The first question you will ask yourself, “why the hell would anyone do this show and put themselves that much gastro-pain just for a 30-second plug?” Maybe it has something to do with the millions of views the series pulls in and just about every episode is the most entertaining 15 minutes you will catch – or hours if you binge watch.

Note: *NSFW language…ya know, cause it burns.

Here are my 5 favorite episodes:

Henry Rollins

The show that pulled me in. Hank talks about his Black Flag days, friendship with Ozzy and his nomad lifestyle and completes the 10 rounds of heat.

TJ Miller

The comic relief from Deadpool and just plain Aviato supporter from Silicon Valley goes bomb on the wings, drinks all his milk, and nearly pukes before he has to be off to give a discussion at Apple. Poor guy.

Bryan Cranston & James Franco

These stars had to work hard to plug “Why Him?” and rightly so. They discuss strategy when meeting the parents, facial hair, Bryan’s involvement in a murder investigation, and Franco slowly regrets agreeing to go on the show.

“It’s not going away.” – James Franco

Seth Rogan and Dominic Cooper

These two hit up “Hot Ones” to promote “Preacher”…you know, that show that comes on after Chris Hardwick takes an hour explaining what you just watched on “Walking Dead” because, you know, you just watched it. What if you forget? Anyway, the agony in this video, especially Rogan, will make you reconsider every becoming a celebrity and having to promote anything.

Nick Kroll

I am not a fan of Kroll’s show, but I think he is pretty damn funny. Why is it that it’s even funnier watching someone you find funny in pain. It really is fascinating to watch people start to sweat, get all flush, and then their senses start to slow down and lose the ability to focus and even speak in coherent sentences. I always worry that in one of these episodes will feature someone touching their eye after downing “Da Bomb.” You could go blind. Right? I mean, I don’t think crying would help much.

I love this show!

Here are some links for some of the hotter sauces seen on the show:

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