Travis Pastrana Will Attempt The Famous EVEL KNIEVEL Jump In Las Vegas This Sunday

Knievel did not land this jump..  In fact, it damn near killed him.

On New Years Eve 1967, Evel Knievel placed his last $100 on a black jack table, and lost.  Then, in what has  to be the most 1970’s thing I’ve ever heard, He took a shot of wild turkey,  high-fived a showgirl and mounted his Triumph Bonneville T120.  He was to jump the fountains at Caesars Palace.  He flew 141 feet.   The longest jump he’d ever attempt, and when he came down he broke his pelvis, femur,  hip, wrist, and both ankles, and a concussion that kept him in the hospital for 29 days.  Travis Pastrana has decided that the jump needs to be completed.


Here I am showing Pastrana which way he should go to win the jump


This Sunday, our homie Travis Pastrana will attempt to do what the famed Knievel could not.  The History Channel will take a break from airing Pawn Stars re-runs and black and white shows about Nazis to air a three hour LIVE event called “Evel Live”  which will actually include THREE of Evel’s Vegas jumps.  52 crushed cars, 16 Greyhound busses, and the grand finale will be the fountains of Caesars.  6pm our time, it’s gonna be rad.  Good luck, Trav!


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