Whoa.. Russia Made a SHOT FOR SHOT Remake Of “COMMANDO”? I Must Watch This..

In 1985, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave us one of the best movies of all time..


Shut up. Yes he did.  Anyone who was alinve in the 80’s knows that Arnold delivering one liners as he shoots his way to the fictional nation of Valverde to rescue Samantha Micelli from “Who’s The Boss?”  Along the way he kills 81 bad guys!  74 of them on one island.  That’s the 80’s for you man.  It was a good time.


But also in the 80’s there was this place called the Soviet Union.  They did not much care for our unique brand of entertainment.  They’d rather stand in bread lines and wear awesome fur hats.  But times have changed, and since they missed out on Commando, they came up with their own version,   ” День Д]  ”  Which translates to “D-DAY”.  And by  “came up with” I mean, they did a SHOT FOR SHOT remake.  Which sure as God wears sandles, is on the internet for all of us to enjoy here in Capitalist America free of charge.


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