YouTube TV Passes 5 Million Subscriber Mark


YouTube TV has surpassed 5 million subscribers

According to, YouTube TV launched 5 years ago and has surpassed 5 million subscribers and free-trial participants. Here’s the thing, I used a free trial of YouTube TV, and coming back to regular, commercial-packed, YouTube is a miserable experience. It’s almost like emotional extortion. Watching mind-numbing insurance and car commercials – let alone those badly produced, self-shot, commercials with some talking head that’s sitting too close to the camera telling you about their emotional vulnerability solution, self-motivational platform, or bad tech company is a special kind of torture that should be reserved for the worst violators of humanity.

If I looked at all the streaming services I subscribe to including HBO Max, Showtime, Criterion Channel, Hulu, Netflix, Peacock…yes, I know, it’s a lot – I spend more time just scrolling than watching. YouTube is a Swiss-Army knife of education, time-wasting, music, movies, doom-watching, live streams, and rabbit holes that the other platforms can’t compete with.

If you haven’t given YouTube TV a shot (their spammy ads were always a deterrent for me), I’d suggest you sign up for a trial and see for yourself.

If you subtract the free trial participants, YouTube TV would still be the biggest internet pay-TV provider.

It would also be the 5th largest TV distributor of any kind behind:

  • Comcast
  • Charter
  • DirecTV
  • DishNetwork

Who is your pay-TV provider? What is one channel or streaming platform you could not live without?

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