Zombie Pigs! Yale (Partially) Revives Brains

Run! Zombie pigs! OK, you don’t have to run BUT scientists have been able to partially resurrect dead pigs, well… their brains… parts of their brains… hours after their dates with the slaughterhouse. Yale University researchers are quick to point out that no brain has yet regained activity associated with consciousness or awareness but their experiments have shown a “surprising amount” of preserved or restored cellular function, NPR reports.

The six-year study culminated with nearly three dozen brains being supplied with a specialized cocktail of chemicals through key blood vessels hours after slaughter. Results were published Wednesday in the journal Nature. Ethical questions of how to move forward with the study have been raised including discussion of what constitutes living and dead. Would you want to live forever if medically / technologically possible? Are you worried that movement toward socialized medicine could stifle research?

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