3-Bit Gamer with Johnathan Deesing

Valheim (PC) – in early access now

Sold 5 million copies in 5 weeks, Third person co-op survival/builder game – think Minecraft with Vikings

Outriders (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Stadia) – April 1

Class-based, RPG, co-op third-person shooter, set on distant planet humans are attempting to colonize as they fight a civil war

Returnal (PlayStation 5) – April 30

A space pilot is stranded on an alien planet and stuck in a time loop, third person roguelike shooter with crazy scifi abilities.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page (PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, Switch, PC) – Out today

Indie puzzle platformer in which you play as a little girl writing a story for her sick grandmother

MLB The Show 21 (PlayStation, Xbox) – April 20

The only good sports game, First time it’s available on Xbox – free with Game Pass

New Pokemon Snap (Nintendo Switch) – April 30

Sequel to 1999’s Pokemon Snap for N64, On-rails shooter, photographing Pokemon in their natural environments

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