3-Bit Gaming for November 7th, 2017

Xbox One X – $499, out today

  • New, more powerful Xbox akin to PS4 Pro
  • This is the first time since n64 a home console has come close/eclipsed PC performance in terms of graphics/load times etc and its under $500
  • So successful in sales Microsoft announced more resources dedicated to developing games for it
  • Super thin and sexy – thinnest Xbox ever



  • Convention last weekend for fans of Blizzard games – World of Warcraft, Overwatch, StarCraft
  • 27,000 attendees from all around the world and all 50 states
  • Theme of the show is lines – people love Blizz games so much they’re willing to wait an hour in line just to buy merchandise
  • Lots of announcements for fans


Wolfenstein – capitalizing on Nazi punching


Assassin’s Creed predicts hidden room under pyramid

  • The chamber is somewhere you can go in the new game
  • Was based on the (still questioned) theories of JP Houdin who thought the pyramids were built from the inside out
  • Game features super accurate Egypt history and a walkthrough feature for ancient cities
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