New Music: Corgan Delivers a New Smashing Pumpkins Song

Billy Corgan not only announced Smashing Pumpkins have two new albums in the works, but backed it up by laying a new song on us. When not spending time in his Chicago tea shoppe it seems Mr. Corgan has been very busy. The first of the two albums, “Monuments to an Elegy” will be released on December 9th. Next year “Day to Night” will follow.

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It’s nice to have new Smashing Pumpkins, though we are a long ways from “Melancholy…” I find this song to be better than anything on 2012’s “Oceania.” Smashing Pumpkins were my first concert, so I can’t help but hope something great is hiding on each new release.

About the new song, “Being Beige”, Corgan told Rolling Stone:

“People always ask me to explain songs, and honestly I can’t,” Corgan tells Rolling Stone. “But if there’s honesty in this lyric, it’s that there’s something amiss in our cosmos. Yet still, we must love.”

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