Vote for the Best Alt Album of 2019 and Win Autographed Vinyl

What a year it has been!

Some of my personal favorites have been Karen O and Dangermouse’s “Lux Prima” and I love Billie Elish’s debut album. Who doesn’t, really? Starcralwer from Los Angels not only melted my face with their album, “Devour” but was one of the best concerts I saw this year as well. The Bird and the Bee did an amazing tribute album to Van Halen that I can’t listen to enough. Weezer dropped a covers album the eclipsed their actual album. Shaed ruled the airwaves with “Trampoline” this year even though their album “Melt” came out last year. I guess you won’t have to consider that one, so it should be a little easier to make your choice. And of course, 2019 was the year of TOOL!

But if you asked me to choose one I’d be pretty hard-pressed to do so. And yet, that’s exactly what we are going to ask you to do. So have at it. I listed every single one of the alt albums that my brain could muster and I think I got just about all of them. I’m sure you’ll let me know if I missed one. You may think you already know which one you’d choose, but browse the list and you may see a few things you forgot about. That’s actually the fun part.

Good luck!

Just make sure you vote for the best alt album of 2019 before 5 pm on December 13th. That’s when we will do the drawing for an autographed vinyl of The Struts “Young and Dangerous.” It was one of my favorite albums from last year and I just happened to have an extra, singed copy laying around.

After you take the quiz, make sure to enter your information so we can contact you if you win!

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