Bill Frost for February 11th, 2019

Miracle Workers (Series Debut, Tuesday Feb 12, TBS)
As we’ve always suspected, Steve Buscemi is God. As we’ve always dreaded, he’s decided it’s time to delete Earth. It was a good ride.
Weird City (Series Debut, Wednesday Feb 13, YouTube Premium)
From Jordan Peele and Charlie Sanders, a future-set sci-fi comedy set in Weird City with a literal all-star cast. YouTube has waaay too much money.
Doom Patrol (Series Debut, Friday Feb 15, DC Universe)
Outcast superheroes Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Crazy Jane fight crime and their own demons. Yeah, it’s deep. 
Lorena (Docoseries Debut, Friday Feb 15, Prime Video)
The true story of infamous ’90s penis chopper Lorena Bobbitt, from producer Jordan Peele, who’s apparently everywhere now.
The Umbrella Academy (Series Debut, Friday Feb 15, Netflix)
Six former students of The Umbrella Academy, a school for superpowered kids that’s not like The X-Men’s at all, regroup to investigate the death of their benefactor and save the world. Based on a comic book by Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance).
Kim Possible (Movie, Friday Feb 15, Disney)
Live action remake of the beloved 2002-07 Disney action-adventure cartoon, because … why not?
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