Bill Frost for January 7th, 2019

Project Blue Book (Series Debut, Tuesday Jan 8, History)
A new drama about the 1950s-1960s governmental UFO investigations — the truth is out there! If you believe anything on the History channel, that is.
Schooled (Series Debut, Wednesday Jan 9, ABC)
Lainey from The Goldbergs gets her own 1990s-set sitcom, wherein she’s now a high-school teacher. Yeah, crazy.
You’re the Worst (Season 5 Premiere, Wednesday Jan 9, FXX)
It’s the final season for Jimmy, Gretchen and the greatest anti-rom-com rom-com of all time. Catch up on Hulu, already.
I’m Sorry (Season 2 Premiere, Wednesday Jan 9, TruTV)
Andrea Savage returns for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm-lite comedy with a cavalcade of guest stars. Catch up on Netflix, already.
Jon Glaser Loves Gear (Season 2 Premiere, Wednesday Jan 9, TruTV)
Jon Glaser plays a guy who plays a guy who tests gear. It’s all quite meta.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 6 Premiere, Thursday Jan 10, NBC)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is uncancelled and now on NBC! Suck it, Fox!
Fam (Series Debut, Thursday Jan 10, CBS)
Nina Dobrev stars in a new laugh-tracked sitcom that’s pretty much the same as every other CBS laugh-tracked sitcom. At least it has Gary Cole.
Future Man (Season 2 Premiere, Friday Jan 11, Hulu)
Season 2 picks up in the year 2162 and … I’m already lost.
Friends From College (Season 2 Premiere, Friday Jan 11, Netflix)
The show that really should be funnier considering the cast involved is back to try again. Good luck, gang!
Sex Education (Series Debut, Friday Jan 11, Netflix)
A British coming-of-age tale about high school and having Gillian Anderson as your mom and your sex-ed teacher. Not awkward at all.
True Detective (Season 3 Premiere, Sunday Jan 13, HBO)

Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) joins the crime anthology; this time, it’s about a 1980 Arkansas murder. No, it’s not based on a podcast.

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