Bill Frost on TV for March 5th, 2018

Hard Sun (Series Debut, Wednesday March 7, Hulu)


Life Sentence (Series Debut, Wednesday March 7, The CW)


Hap & Leonard (Season 3 Premiere, Wednesday March 7, Sundance)


Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Season 2 Premiere, Thursday March 8, Netflix)


Champions (Series Debut, Thursday March 8, NBC)


Love (Season 3 Premiere, Friday March 9, Netflix)


Sneaky Pete (Season 2 Premiere, Friday March 9, Amazon Prime)


Timeless (Season 2 Premiere, Sunday March 11, NBC)


The Royals (Season 4 Premiere, Sunday March 11, E!)


Deception (Series Debut, Sunday March 11, ABC)


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