Billy Idol is Now an Old, Proud Grandpa

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Bad news for everyone who remembers listening to Billy Idol in the 1980s: You’re now officially old.

For proof of this, one need only check out the video Idol has uploaded to Instagram. It shows his 9-month-old granddaughter, Poppy Rebel, crawling up a flight of stairs while her doting grandpa can be heard shouting words of encouragement. “That’s it!” Idol screams when she finally reaches the top.

The video was taken during a recent visit from Idol’s daughter, Bonnie Blue Broad, who moved to Texas five months ago. “We moved to Texas when Poppy was 4 months old and that nearly broke his heart because he was coming over a few days a week to see her,” Broad says of her famous father. “He FaceTimes a lot — almost too much! We’ll be at dinner and he’s like, ‘That’s OK. I’ll just watch her eat.'”

Is it difficult to believe Billy Idol has paternal instincts? In real life, what rocker is most unlike his or her stage persona?

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