Cobain’s Dealer Described as “Angel of Death” in Dave Grohl Biography

A tenth-anniversary re-issue of the Dave Grohl biography, ‘This is a Call’ is revealing how Kurt Cobain’s life was once saved.

In describing a drug dealer who could have potentially lead Cobain to an earlier death, Nirvana’s U.K. PR agent Anton Brooks said, “He looked like the angel of death.”

According to the book’s latest edition, Brooks and Cobain and Courtney Love’s nanny had to step in at one point getting into the couple’s room.

Brooks recalled he and the nanny walking in on Cobain passed out with a syringe in his arm and having to jolt him back into consciousness.

Cobain would receive a message later in the day to help release toxins from his body.

Will you be reading this new edition of this book?

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