Dave Grohl Didn’t Think The Foo Fighters Would Be A Success

Photo by Corey O'Brien

Hard to imagine a world where the Foo Fighters weren’t a giant, successful band, but right after Nirvana ended, Dave Grohl sure did. Speaking to Billboard’s “Chart Beat Podcast,” the Foos frontman admits, “If someone were to tell me we would be where we are now I would tell them they are wrong, that there’s no way that’s possible.” After the band’s debut record, Grohl felt they needed to make a second, which gave him something to look forward to, “because I didn’t want to get stuck in that place where I was when Nirvana ended.”

Following Kurt Cobain’s death, Grohl knew he needed to change his outlook on life, revealing, “I’m going to live everyday like it’s my last one. Even if it’s the worst day, I’m gonna try to appreciate it.”

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