Farrell Inspired by Joe Biden

Perry Farrell is talking politics and inspiration.

In a new interview, Jane’s Addiction singer talked about using his art to speak out on political issues in a polarized society.

Farrell explained, “I wanna be able to tell wild stories like I did when I was in the early days of Jane’s Addiction when I could have wild sex and be up for three days. I’ll never forget those days; I love those days. But what I’m finding today is that what we need is we need strong men that have to tell it like it is. We need strong men. We need strong leaders. Joe Biden, I’m inspired by him. He’s in his 80s, and he’s willing to take on the world. Imagine, he’s got all these knuckleheads in his way, trying to get in his way, trying to make COVID harder to heal. He’s got a pandemic he walked right into. And he says, ‘I’ll take it on.’

Farrell is currently promoting “The Glitz; The Glamour,” a 35-year retrospective of his life, music, and art.

What do you want to be doing in your 80s?

P.S. Joe Biden is 78.

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