Fresh X: Franz Ferdinand “Always Ascending”

It’s been 4 years…

Franz Ferdinand who cracked ears and indie dance parties wide open when they released their self-titled album in 2004. They’ve lost longtime member, Nick McCarthy, so he could focus on family life and pursue other interests, but picked up Dino Bardot on guitar and Julian Corrie on keyboards, synth, and guitar. You can listen to the new track, “Always Ascending” and see if the changes give a new dynamic to the band or if they just dropped THE neo-neo disco track of 2017. My neighbors will hate me this weekend. That much I know.

Franz Ferindand also annouced they will drop the full album, “Always Ascending” on February 9th. It’s their 5th studio album.

Always Ascending Tracklist

1. Always Ascending
2. Lazy Boy
3. Paper Cages
4. Finally
5. The Academy Award
6. Lois Lane
7. Huck and Jim
8. Glimpse of Love
9. Feel the Love Go
10. Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow

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