Fresh X: William Patrick Corgan aka Billy Corgan “Aeronaut”

Smashing Pumpkins frontman will be releasing his second solo album this year

Billy…err, William Corgan has taking time away from serving up tea to preparing his second solo album, “Ogilala” will be released on October 13th. There have been rumors of The Smashing Pumpkins original lineup to reunited and create some new music. He told Alternative Press. “For as long as I can remember the delineation point between songs I wrote for myself and songs I’d pen for whatever band was something I couldn’t explain. And it remains so, for they all feel quite personal to me, no matter their time or era. The lone difference on songs for “Ogilala is that they seemed to want little in the way of adornment.”

The song is piano based and won’t be what you’re expecting, but I was surprised how enjoyable it is as an inspiring ballad from a guy that used to wear a shirt with zero written across it.

Ogilala Tracklist:
1. Zowie
2. Processional
3. The Spaniards
4. Aeronaut
5. The Long Goodbye
6. Half-Life Of An Autodidact
7. Amarinthe
8. Antietam
9. Mandaryne
10. Shiloh
11. Archer

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