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Geek News on the Radio for August 9th, 2021

‘The Suicide Squad’ makes a disappointing $26.5

Despite the hefty cost of $185 to make The Suicide Squad, after it’s debut weekend the movie makes significantly less then the studio had expected.

via Variety

Gomez Addams will be played by Luis Guzman in the spin-off

The spin-off series titled ‘Wednesday’ even has Tim Burton as it’s executive producer and director.

via Gizmodo

Alex Kurtzman is working on two more Star Trek shows for Paramount+

One of the two shows will focus on Star Fleet Academy while the other will be about Section 31.

via Collider

Taika Waititi says Thor: Love and Thunder is the craziest movie he’s ever done

Taika Waititi describes his upcoming movie as something that ‘it shouldn’t make sense’ and that ‘it shouldn’t be made.’

via MovieWeb

Steve Roger’s virginity puzzle has finally been solved

The surprisingly popular question of whether or not Steve Rogers was a virgin in the first Captain America movie has finally been answered by the movie’s writers.

via Yahoo

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