Geek News on the Radio for July 12th, 2021

Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ is getting an animated series

What if Black Panther wasn’t T’Challa? Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ show will answer that, and more what-if questions.

via Express

See your favorite Disney rides in ‘Behind the Attraction’

The Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion and more are all covered in the series allowing fans to look behind the curtain of the most beloved attractions.

via Deadline

MGM reboot of ‘Blacula’ is now in development

The classic blaxploitation movie from 1972 is getting a reboot from MGM.

via Vulture

Jack Mulhern, and Natalie Alyn Lind join the cast of Pet Sematary’s prequel

Famous from the Mare of Easttown and The Society, Jack Mulhern joins Natalie Alyn who’s known for her work in Big Sky.

via Digital Spy

Zack Snyder is making his own Star Wars (kind of)

Zack Snyder announced his new movie coming to Netflix titled ‘Rebel Moon.’ The series was born from an unrealized Star Wars project that’s been re-adapted to stand on it’s own.

via Screen Rant

Netflix confirms ‘Nightmare of the Wolf’ is coming in 2021

The same people behind ‘The Witcher’ having been planning a prequel series titled ‘Nightmare of the Wolf’ which is going to be watchable sometime this year.

via Tech Radar

Star Trek’s 1979 Motion Picture is getting a Director’s Edition

The classic from 1979 is being remastered to be 4k with a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, and Dolby Vision HDR.

via Daily Star Trek News

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