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Geek News On The Radio For June 15th, 2017

‘Black Panther’ Teaser Trailer Racks Up 89M Views in First 24 Hours (Exclusive)

Judging by the numbers, viewers are ready to take a trip to the African nation of Wakanda. The teaser trailer for Black Panther, Marvel Studios’ upcoming movie based on the character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, generated 89 million views in the first 24 hours of its debut. The spot debuted Friday during the first quarter of Game 4 of the NBA Finals on ABC. It was then released on various social media platforms.

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‘Uncharted’ Reconfigured: ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’s Tom Holland To Play Young Nathan Drake For Shawn Levy

Sony Pictures is bullish enough on its upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming star Tom Holland that the studio is doubling down on the young actor by building a second major franchise around him. Holland is attaching to star in Uncharted, in what will be redrafted as a prequel to the treasure-hunting action storyline in the Naughty Dog video game for PlayStation.

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The director of Batman & Robin would like to apologize for making a crap movie

Look, nobody ever said making a movie was easy. Actually, that’s not true; making a movie would be relatively simple. Making a good movie is a far different matter. And making a big blockbuster film, which involves hundreds—if not thousands—of people, all working in tandem in a massive network of interconnected responsibilities, all trying their damnedest to make a piece of entertainment that can distract you, if only fleetingly, from the endless drudgery of existence? That seems like a very tall order indeed. Which is why Joel Schumacher, director of the 1997 exercise in thinly veiled S&M rubberized bondage play, Batman & Robin, would like to apologize to everyone for making such a shitty movie.

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