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Geek News on the Radio for June 19th, 2017

‘Cars 3’ motors past ‘Wonder Woman’ to No. 1 box office spot

“Wonder Woman” fell to second place in its third weekend in theaters, but it’s still doing the heavy lifting for the otherwise lackluster summer box office. While many worn out franchises and franchise hopefuls continue to struggle to find a significant North American audience, smaller films such as the Tupac biopic “All Eyez on Me” and the shark thriller “47 Meters Down” were able to break through the clutter and make a splash this weekend.

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Mark Wahlberg says he’s also done playing with Transformers

In February, Michael Bay once again suggested that he doesn’t want to play with Transformers anymore, and though he already started walking that back in April, it looks like he’s not the only one who is getting too old for those robot toys. As reported by Digital Spy, Mark Wahlberg recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show and mentioned that the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight will be “the last one” for him, adding “so I get my life back”—presumably because it’s a huge burden to make millions of dollars by pretending that you’re standing next to robots for two movies. Wahlberg also noted that he spent five months getting in shape for The Last Knight, all so he could get stuck with a stupid haircut, so to be fair, it does sound like a had a lousy time making the movie.

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Stranger Things WILL give us Justice for Barb in season 2

Are you among the throngs of Stranger Things fans who are still demanding #JusticeForBarb? Don’t give up hope yet. The first information about the retro Netflix horror series is just starting to leak out from the Upside Down, and rest assured that producer Shawn Levy and creators the Duffer brothers have heard your demands for justice. The bad news is… Barb is definitely dead. Like really, really dead.

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Gay Kiss Cut From Chinese Version of Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant was released in China on Friday, and moviegoers were quick to point out quite a few significant changes. Not only were several of the alien scenes removed, having them on screen for less than a couple of minutes… but Chinese censors also pulled the film’s gay kiss.

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