Geek News on the Radio for June 22nd, 2017

Han Solo Film Firing May Force Directors Guild to Make Tough Choices

Could the new Han Solo movie become the biggest film ever to be directed by Alan Smithee? Smithee is the pseudonym the Directors Guild of America uses for a helming credit when a movie’s director takes his name off a movie. That hasn’t happened yet in the case of the Star Wars spinoff.

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Wonder Woman v. Superman: The real story behind Gal Gadot’s paycheck

Unreliable reporting can move faster than a speeding bullet in the age of social media, and that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday when a story about Gal Gadot’s salary on “Wonder Woman” made its way around the Internet. Gadot reportedly made just $300,000 for Warner Bros.’ “Wonder Woman,” a paltry sum compared to her DC counterpart Henry Cavill, who made a “reported” $14 million as Superman in 2013’s “Man of Steel.” The story went viral, which makes sense considering “Wonder Woman” is one of the biggest hits of the summer making more than $573 million worldwide and the salary gap is a stark reminder of the much-discussed pay inequality in Hollywood.

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Watchmen: HBO series in development, from Damon Lindelof

This is a pleasant surprise. With The Leftovers having just wrapped its final season to wild critical acclaim, Damon Lindelof is sticking around HBO to develop a Watchmen TV series. Yes, you read that right. Watchmen is finally getting the prestige cable drama that fans have wanted for as long as prestige cable drama has been a thing.

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Director Re-Affirms “Dark Tower” Is A Sequel

“The Dark Tower” director Nikolaj Arcel recently spoke with IGN and re-affirmed that the upcoming film is a sequel to the Stephen King book series as opposed to a direct adaptation: “It is, in fact, a continuation. It is a canon continuation. That’s exactly what we intended and what Stephen King has signed off on.” Arcel also says King is happy with the way that the movie turned out despite it being different from his original novel: “At one point he said, ‘I have some notes for script.’ And he sent us a hard copy of the script, with hand-written notes. He was very polite and very respectful. It was always like, ‘Maybe Roland doesn’t talk so much here’… he was just like the groundskeeper of the characters.

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