Geek News on the Radio for October 19th, 2017

Han Solo Star Wars movie finally gets a title

Ron Howard has been sharing photos from the Star Wars standalone Han Solo movie ever since he took over the director’s chair in June. But the one tidbit he didn’t share? The film’s title. Until now. On Tuesday, Howard tweeted out a short video revealing the film’s title — with a little help from the furry arms of Han Solo’s co-pilot. Get your red plastic party cups out — the title is the perhaps-obvious “Solo” (with “A Star Wars Story” pinned on, just in case you thought it really was about the drinking cups).

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Christian Bale confirms that Heath Ledger really did ask to be beaten up on the set of ‘The Dark Knight’

Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ is lauded for the deceased actor’s commitment to the role but Christian Bale has now confirmed that Ledger actually asked to be beaten up on the set of the movie.The upcoming book ‘100 Things Batman Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die‘ features new behind-the-scenes story from the now-classic film. As printed by The Hollywood Reporter, the author speaks to Christian Bale as well as director Christopher Nolan about the 2008 film. Bale offered one anecdote about Ledger: “As you see in the movie, Batman starts beating the Joker and realises that this is not your ordinary foe. Because the more I beat him the more he enjoys it. The more I’m giving him satisfaction.”

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Jeff Goldblum sings his own Jurassic Park theme song and does a dolphin impression in our Thor: Ragnarok interview

It’s widely acknowledged that Jeff Goldblum is a bit of legend and the above video will do nothing to dispel that assumption. I sat down with the Jurassic Park star to talk about his upcoming new movie – Thor: Ragnarok – as well as find out a bit more about the actor, like whether he prefers cats or dogs, what his favourite joke is, and who he thinks would win in a fight between a T-Rex-sized duck and one hundred duck-sized T-Rexes. Jeff Goldbulm plays The Grandmaster in the Thor sequel and although we won’t know exactly what role he takes in the story until the movie is released next week, we do know he’s the one responsible for throwing Thor into the ring with The Hulk thanks to that awesome trailer.

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