It was 20 years ago that we got the WORST Batman film of all time.

1997 was a kick ass year.  I turned 18, I got my first full time job, got fired from  my first full time job..  THANKS PACKARD BELL..  Anywho.  I also decided to head into the world of RADIO that year.  So there was plenty to be happy about..  That is until June 12th..

On June 12th 1997, we got Joel Schumakers classic turd “Batman and Robin”



Yeah man, this thing..  If you have blocked this shit from your memory, congratulations.  You won’t have the memory of George Clooney whipping out his “Batman” credit card from the utility belt which adorned his nippled bat-suit.  Chris O’Donnel as Robin whining like a little bitch for the whole movie.  Alisia Silverstone revealing that she is batgirl in a costumed designed by her creepy uncle Alfred.  And of Course, Arnold as Mr. Freeeeeeze


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