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Geek News on the Radio for September 13th, 2021

Hawkeye is getting a show on Disney+

The eight episodes comprising the first season will be available on November 24 on Disney+

via Tech Crunch

Echo / Maya Lopez confirmed in Hawkeye

Echo will be the 4th character with an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her talent comes from her ability to perfectly mimic someone’s movements after seeing them once.

via CBR

Aquaman is getting an animated mini series on HBO Max

The show will be directed by James Won, as the executive producer.

via Film

Movie critics are falling in love with ‘Dune’

One critic, Johnny Oleksinsk had this to say about Dune: “[Dune] is 100-percent worthy to stand next to those science fiction and fantasy epics. Believe it or not, at times it visually tops them.”

via The New York Post

Owen Wilson, and Rosario Dawson join the cast of Disney’s Haunted Mansion movie

At the moment, we don’t know what their roles for the movie will be.

via Digital Spy

Spiderman usurps Superman for the most expensive comic sale

The comic in question, is the 1962 comic Amazing Fantasy #15 in near perfect condition. It sold for roughly $3.6 million at an auction.

via The Guardian

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