Going to Jack White? Meet Phone Bags!

I know what you’re thinking!

What if my phone can’t breathe? What is the babysitter calls? What if I can’t see the unwanted advances from sketchy dudes on Instagram? All legitimate concerns. I know what else your thinking? Chvrches is at Ogden Twilight aren’t going to make me lock my phone in a little baggy. What gives?

Well at August 9th show at Saltair Jack White wants people to watch the show and not spend the time taking pictures, taping the entire shows, Snapchatting, texting and basically annoying everyone around them.

Yonder is a little baggy that lets you keep your phone on it, but prevents you from using it. Thus keeping you from yourself and your addiction to your little rectangular pocket computer. If you need to make a call or miss one, you can go to the lobby of the venue, unlock the bag and use your phone before going back into the show.

If you want to see pictures from the show, you’ll have to follow Jack White on social media.

Be prepared to start seeing this “technology” pop up at a lot more live events – comedy shows, plays, the opera, your cousin’s bar mit…blessing. Oops,I almost forgot where we live.

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