Julian Casablancas and The Voidz Announce New Album

Julian Casablancas

The Voidz Reveal Third Album Release Date

Julian Casablancas and his band, The Voidz, are back with exciting news for their fans. The group has announced their third studio album, Like All Before You, which will be released digitally on September 20 via Cult Records and on vinyl on October 18. A trailer, tracklist, and cover artwork accompany the announcement, generating significant buzz.

The Creative Minds Behind the Album

The Voidz collaborated with producers Ivan Wayman, Justin Raisen, and Sadpony (Jeremiah Raisen) for this album, marking a powerful union of innovative talents. These producers helped sculpt the unique sound anticipated in the new tracks.

Upcoming Live Performances

In celebration of the album’s release, the Voidz have also planned two live performances:

  • October 16 at the Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles
  • October 18 at the Apollo Theater, Harlem, New York

These performances are expected to be electric and offer fans a preview of the new material.

A Follow-Up to Virtue

The album follows 2018’s Virtue, which included hits that solidified the Voidz’s distinct style. The upcoming album features tracks such as “Prophecy of the Dragon,” “Flexorcist,” “All the Same,” and “Overture.” Given their previous work’s experimental and eclectic nature, Like All Before You is highly anticipated.

Casablancas’ Other Ventures

Since the release of Virtue, Julian Casablancas has been busy with his other acclaimed band, the Strokes. Their latest album, The New Abnormal, released in April 2020, won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album, demonstrating Casablancas’ ongoing influence and success in the music industry.

Like All Before You Tracklist:

  1. Overture
  2. Square Wave
  3. Prophecy of the Dragon
  4. 7 Horses
  5. Spectral Analysis
  6. Flexorcist
  7. Perseverance–1C2S
  8. All the Same
  9. When Will the Time of These Bastards End
  10. Walk Off (Outro)

Background on Julian Casablancas and the Voidz

Julian Casablancas, best known as the lead singer of the Strokes, founded the Voidz in 2013. The band is known for its experimental rock sound, blending various genres and pushing musical boundaries. The Voidz’s debut album, Tyranny (2014), showcased their raw and avant-garde style, followed by Virtue (2018), further cemented their place in the alternative rock scene.

With Like All Before You, the Voidz promise to deliver another compelling chapter in their musical journey. Keep an eye out for more updates.

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