Leonardo Dicaprio Might Yuck It Up as The Joker

Because we need more comic book movies…

Alos, get off my lawn. Warner Bros. is chatting up (and probably offering up more cash than you and I will ever see) to play The Joker in a rebooted of something that wasn’t really booted in the first place.

According to Consequence of Sound, “The Joker origin film, which is to be directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover, War Dogs), will live in a different universe than WB’s ongoing DCEU, which explains why the studio is also moving ahead with two other Joker-themed films starring Jared Leto, including a sequel to Suicide Squad and a Harley Quinn team-up film.”

I’d like to suggest Mel Mac up as the new Harley Quinn. She was awesome in “Spy.”

And Peter Dinklage as The Penguin.

Jonah Hill as Catwoman.

Jon Hamm as Robin

I can’t seem to work out who should play Batman. Vote now and tell us:

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