Mike Shinoda Offering to Produce Fans’ Music

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has been connecting with fans on Twitch recently, now with an offer to help produce their music!

Shinoda took to his Twitch channel to offer singers, songwriters, and performers a chance to get their music produced live on the platform.

Shinoda made his announcement saying, “I’m looking for vocalists, rappers, and songwriters who need help getting to the next level. If I find someone great, I’ll produce their track, live on my Twitch channel.”

There’s no real catch to the contesting, just that Shinoda not be expected to do the vocals, performers use just one instrument and let the project be out of their hands so Shinoda can do his thing.

Would you love to have your music produced by Mike Shinoda? Do you have any music that you feel could benefit from a professional producer?

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