My Chemical Romance Guitarist’s Turtle Rescue Went Viral

My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero is used to being in the spotlight, but it’s his turtles that are getting attention this time.

In a recent video for the site Nerds and Beyond, Iero explains how he and his family rescued a family of snapping turtles. “My wife came over to me and said there’s a giant turtle in our backyard,” he recalls in a video “She was kind of like rocking back and forth and started to wiggle her butt into the mulch. My kids affectionately named her Snippy.”

After a storm, Iero and his family discovered more than one turtle. “Oh my god, Snippy left her eggs here,” he said. The family then researched how to care for the little turtles.

Iero released the turtles in a pond after they were born, following directions from a reptile sanctuary to get them into their natural habitat. “To witness that instinct kick in, that they had gotten to where they finally belonged and they knew exactly where to go and how to do it… to have a little bit of a hand in helping nature along, it’s amazing,” he marveled.

Have you ever found any odd creatures in your yard? Are you a pet owner?

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