Nightingale Wellness Check with Nicole Lamb for June 16th, 2020

Meet Nurse Nicole LambNurse Nicole Lamb

Nicole Lamb has been a nurse since 1996.  She discovered her passion for wellness and preventative health care when she started her career as a Public Health nurse.  There she orchestrated educational and wellness programs for the surrounding community as well as volunteered in the ER.  In 2006, she became a nurse midwife providing birthing care and women’s health care through the life span. In recent years, she has helped her community members by become a health coach and mentor, facilitating an “Essential Living Course” with her partner to help course members improve their wellbeing and immune system. This 10 week course in wellness course was based on their combined experience and based on the book “Body Thrive” by Cate Stillman and adapted to client’s needs for their personal wellness.

At Nightingale College , Nicole spearheads their Wellevate initiative, a program that brings health and wellness their collaborators. In her free time Nicole enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, running, cooking, and belly dancing. She has two children and two fur babies she loves to spend her free time with.

If you missed our check up with Nurse Nicole, well don’t fret… It’s right here for you!

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