Nirvana Producer Recalls $100,000 Gamble Over ‘In Utero’

Producer Steve Albini has just revealed details behind a bet he made with Nirvana while making the album In Utero.

In the interview, Albini said he bet the band that he could beat them in a game of pool. If they won, he would give up his $100,000 paycheck. If they lost: doubling that paycheck.

Albini says that he has done that while working with several bands and is not surprised Nirvana didn’t want to take him up on the bet. No one has.

According to drummer Dave Grohl, “Anyone who’s got the stones to gamble something that large must be amazing, so everyone said no. Plus, he had his own stick. We didn’t want to f**k around with that.”

What is a crazy bet that you have made? What was the outcome?

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