One of Trent Reznor’s Favorite Albums of All Time

Deciding on an all-time favorite anything can be hard, but Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor sort of has his mind made up in one area.

Reznor says it’s hard to choose, but one of his all-time favorite albums ever is Remain in Light from the Talking Heads.

Reznor said that he didn’t quite “get” the album when he first heard it, but it finally clicked for him. A strange, synthetic, polyrhythmical piece of art with African influences which confused me in every way,” he described the album.

Reznor has also said that he can still turn to the album when he needs it. “Since I started making music myself, this wonderful album has been something I can always consult,” he said.

What is YOUR all-time favorite album? What is your favorite album from Nine Inch Nails?

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