PUNK FANS!! Legendary Jello Biafra Joins DESCENDENTS On Stage For “Police Truck”

Camp “Punk IN Drublic” was in Ohio over the weekend.

And while the headlining act, and creators, NOFX, were booted from the festival lineup following Fat Mike’s comments on stage in Vegas a few days before.   (Fat Mike is a dick btw)

They were replaced in the line-up by one of my ALL TIME favorite bands, Descendents.   Not THE Descendents..  It’s just “Descendents” .  Featuring Utah’s own Karl Alvarez, and Stephen Egerton , who was the namesake for “Steve-O” in the movie SLC PUNK.  They were joined on stage for the classic DK track “Police Truck” which would have been rad to see live.  I’m bummed I missed it.

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