Which 90s Band Are You? | X96 Probing Quiz

It’s time you learned the truth…about what 90s band you are

Ohhhh to be a 90s band. It still could be the 90s. You had to be there, probably. How much can you really know about yourself until you’ve had a stranger make up some random quiz that takes various personality traits and forces them into pigeonholes? Nothing. No shrinks can tell you this. We’ve been doing this for a long time and so we took the oldest brains at X96 and put together this Buzzfeed-like, slop-show of a quiz and will determine which band you might have been if time and space, money, and talent weren’t an issue in the realm of the 90s.

What you’ll be ranked on

We will ask you a series of probing questions about your style, philosophy, and snack chip preference. We will even ask you what you think of flatulence. We are going deep. You might even say that we’re going where no grunge has gone before.

It’s okay. Be honest if not with us, then with yourself. You could be a Shirley Manson type of person. Perhaps you’re more like Marilyn Manson or Zach de la Rocha. Do you like to protest in Birkenstocks or Chucks? Do you like blondes or brunettes? Are you quirky like Primus or are you chill like Sublime….or 311.

Keep scrolling, you’re almost to the quiz

What exactly is the difference between a 311 and a Sublime person anyway? We think we know, so step right up! Step right up! All these questions will really help to determine where the seed of the 90s was planted in your soul.

Your flannel-wearing, ramen-eating, Doc Martens-wearing, “Reality Bites”-watching mind really wants to know. Those were the days of Miller Lite: tastes great, and is less filling. Disclaimer: Local H wasn’t one of the outcomes, because they were underrated and brilliant and we are all a little Local H!

Fortunes can’t be told, but superficial rock n’ roll pasts can. Stop your grinnin’ and start your clickin’!

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