Nine Inch Nails Cancels Tour That Hadn’t Been Announced

Joining the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Phish, Bon Jovi and Foo Fighters, Trent Reznor on Tuesday announced the cancellation of Nine Inch Nails’ upcoming North American tour. However, the move wasn’t exactly necessary, as the tour had never been announced. “I suppose I can let you know we HAD a tour booked this fall that continued and expanded ‘Cold and Black and Infinite,'” Reznor tweeted. “Jehnny Beth was coming along with us. We were excited. I’m bumming myself out right now.”

Despite being upset, Reznor said he’s doing his best to turn the lemon into lemonade. “We had some merch for that tour in production that we’re putting in the store with all of NIN’s profits going to local food banks in the cities we were going to play,” he tweeted. Did you have a ticket to a show that’s been canceled due to the coronavirus? Will the pandemic end up putting some rockers out of business permanently, like it’s done to some companies?

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