Rage Against The Machine has plans for 2016?!

Word has been spreading fast this morning about a cryptic countdown clock that appeared on the website

WHAT COULD IT BE!?  A reunion?  A new album?  Have the finally found a way to bring down “the MAN?!”

All we know so far is that the countdown leads to June 1st.

Plus, if you enter your email address, you instantly receive a message like so…

                            “Clear the way for the prophets of rage,”

which is actually a line from Public Enemy’s track “Prophets Of Rage.” and a hashtag, #TakeThePowerBack.

Meanwhile, RATM members have maintained silence, but Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has been posting videos of live Rage shows all over his Twitter page.

Whatever it is, shut up and take my money.

Check out the full rundown at




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