Want to Buy a Part of Eminem’s Childhood home? Now’s your chance!

Rap Superstar and professional angry man Eminem is marking the 16th anniversary of his mega-selling album “The Marshall Mathers LP”, which contained the family friendly tracks “Kill You”. and “Bitch Please 2”.  Of course, the hit on the record was “The Real Slim Shady” where Eminem brings yet a 3rd name into the madness.  I dig Eminem, but this is my least favorite album.  Who marks the SIXTEENTH anniversary anyway.  Is that even a thing?


Eminem at the premiere of Universal's "8 Mile" at the Mann Village Westwood, CA 11-06-02

Of course, it’s a thing.  Shut up.

Anywho, to mark the release, Eminem is throwing out some bricks of his childhood home, which was featured on the cover of the album.  If you would like one, get ready to shell out about 300 bucks, and head to

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