Remember Rampage? That’s a Movie Now

“No” doesn’t seem to be a word The Rock knows.

And who can blame him. Someone pulls up a dump truck full of money and tell you that you’ll be in a film based on a video game that helped keep young men virgins into their 30s? “Hell, I did Jumanji didn’t I?” I mean, that’s what I would say. The Rock and I share a birthday, so I feel like I know.

For those of you who don’t remember, “Rampage” was a game where you could be a gorilla, lizard, or wolf and destroy buildings in a city. You would climb, smash, eat the Human Resource Directors inside for bonus points.


As opposed to comic book franchises, video games movies haven’t exactly been the cultural staple that Marvel and DC have built. Board games movies even more so. This doesn’t seem to stop them. Anyway, enjoy the trailer. I am heading home to go and VOD Warcraft and ignore it while I play Final Fantasy III on my iPad.

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