Slipknot Says They Are More Than Just a Band

As Slipknot continues to work towards a new album release for 2019, Shawn “Clown” Crahan is talking about the image of the band going forward as well as the concept behind their next album. Crahan talked with Billboard about the band’s new single All Out Life. Crahan says the song “means get the fuck up, go live your life and live it all-out. The band’s been gone for three years. You want blood from me? You got it.”

But Crahan wants something in return. “That’s what I’ve been giving you for 20 years. But I want blood from you, too. We’re no longer just a band. We’re a culture.” There is still no release date for the band’s next album yet. Crahan says Slipknot is more than just a band though. He says Slipknot is a culture.

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