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West Davis Corridor
West Davis Corridor | Todd Nuke'em

West Davis Corridor Review by Todd Nuke ‘Em

If you drive Interstate 15 between Farmington and Clearfield, then you know how congested it gets. Sitting in those traffic jams will make you utter obscene phrases that would make a sailor blush. UDOT is proud to open the solution to this mess on January 6th.

Todd Nuke'em at the West Davis Coridor

Overlooking the new ramp from the West Davis Corridor to I-15.

Presenting Utah Highway 177, otherwise known as the West Davis Corridor. I was able to take a preview tour of the new road before the grand opening. Officials from UDOT showed me their new creation on Friday morning. I live in Davis County, and I feel the pain of this daily commute. This new road will save you an estimated 15 minutes making the journey through Davis County and should reduce the existing traffic on I-15 by about 30%.

West Davis Corridor

It’s empty now but will soon carry a lot of traffic!

It is rather scenic as well. UDOT worked to preserve wetlands west of the project, and much of the journey shows off the beauty of this area between the highway and the Great Salt Lake.

West Davis Corridor Overpass

The interchange for Farmington will save commuters a lot of time and headaches.

The road connects to I-15 and Legacy Parkway in Centerville and runs west of Farmington, Kaysville, Layton, and ends at Highway 193 in Syracuse. Major interchanges include Antelope Drive in Syracuse and 950 North in Farmington, which will be a direct route to Station Park. (Farmington City is still finishing some new streets that will make it a direct drive.) Because of diligent planning and coordination, UDOT completed this project six months early. Yes, I’m excited for a better route through Davis County.

West Davis Corridor Field

A nice view of areas purchased by UDOT that won’t be developed.

Thanks to UDOT officials for the opportunity to preview this new highway. I met a few fans of X96 from UDOT as well.

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UDOT employee with Todd Nuke'em

Adam Jacobs from UDOT is a longtime fan of X96. I asked him if I could test the road by driving 120 mph on it. He said no. Haha.


Todd Nuke'em poses with a UDOT employee at the West Davis Corridor

I had to take a selfie with Josh King from UDOT, since he’s been listening to X96 his whole life.

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