Green Day Releases “One Eyed Bastard”

Green Day
Green Day | Photo Credit: Alice Baxley

Green Day Unveils “One Eyed Bastard” from Their Forthcoming Album Saviors

Punk-rock veterans Green Day just hit us with a new track, “One Eyed Bastard.” This jam marks the latest snippet from their much-anticipated album, Saviors, set to drop in a fortnight. Accompanying this release is a cartoon-style video, adding a quirky visual element to the mix. Listen to Green Day’s latest single below.

Preorders for a limited edition pink version of Saviors are available. Click the album cover below to learn more:

‘Saviors’ Sneak Peek

Fans got wind of this new tune via social media, where the band posted, “What can we say? We’re full of surprises. Got ONE more song for ya before Saviors drops in two weeks.” It’s clear that Green Day is keeping the hype alive and kicking as the release date for Saviors nears.

The band previously released two other songs from Saviors: Dilemma” and “The American Dream is Killing Me.”


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Green Day: Evolving Punk Rockers

Now, let’s chat about Green Day’s musical evolution. From their debut album to now, these guys have journeyed through the punk-rock landscape, continuously refining their sound. Their early work was raw, unfiltered punk, but as they progressed, elements of alternative rock crept in. Albums like American Idiot showcased a more narrative-driven, concept album style, broadening their musical horizons. With ‘One Eyed Bastard,’ it seems like they’re fusing their punk roots with contemporary vibes, showing that they’re not just stuck in the 90s punk scene.

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