Green Day Unveils New Single: “Dilemma”

Green Day

Green Day’s Latest Release: “Dilemma”

Green Day released their new track “Dilemma,” marking it as the third glimpse into their upcoming album, Saviors. Accompanying the song is a visually striking music video directed by Ryan Baxley. The video features a stark transition from black and white to color, highlighting Green Day’s frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, as he engages in heavy drinking during a performance. Watch the video below.

Billie Joe Armstrong’s Personal Connection to “Dilemma”

Billie Joe Armstrong shared his personal connection to “Dilemma” in a press statement. He said, “‘Dilemma’ was one of those songs that was kind of easy to write because it was so personal to me.” He reflects on the struggles with addiction and mental health issues that many in their community have faced. The song delves into the deep pain associated with these struggles.

Green Day: Journey and Upcoming Plans

“Dilemma” follows the release of two other singles from Saviors, namely “The American Dream Is Killing Me” and “Look Ma, No Brains!” This new album comes after their 2020 release, Father of All…. Fans can expect Saviors to be available from January 19. In May 2024, Green Day is set to embark on a major tour to promote Saviors. Learn more about Saviors and any upcoming shows on Green Day’s official site.

Green Day, formed in 1986, has been a significant force in the punk rock scene. Their breakthrough album Dookie (1994) catapulted them to fame, and they have since been known for their raw, energetic sound and socially conscious lyrics.


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