TRAVIS BARKER reunites with with THE AQUABATS as his alter ego, THE BARON VON TITO!!

Over the weekend, BLINK 182 drummer TRAVIS BARKER put on a GIANT festival show in Los Angeles


I’m a big fan of the PUNK rawk, (which is why I do a show on Sunday nights called SLCPUNX hint hint) So I was stoked about a giant show featuring Goldfinger, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less Than Jake, and The Aquabats!   I did not go, but thanks to my magic window called the internet, I was able to observe some of the show without buying a ticket or watching a bunch of people smoke weed on the beach waiting for one original member of Sublime to play.

I digress..

In 1998, the Aquabats released what is universally considered to be their “best” album, which featured a track called “Super Rad”.  At that time, Barker was known as the “BARON VOT TITO”, the crime-fighting drummer for the ‘Bats until joining Blink a year later.  (He replaced Scott Raynor who I assume is eating a Hot Pocket at this very moment)

There was some bad blood between the two bands for a time, and Barker and the ‘Bats were not on great terms..  BUT!  It seems that those days have past, and Barker rejoined the ‘Bats on stage for a bit for the second time this month, 20 years after the album came out.   Some people won’t care, but I thought it was pretty damn cool.



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