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Led Zeppelin

Exploring Legends: Three Must-Watch Rock Documentaries

Celebrating The Beach Boys: A Journey Through Pop History

Marking the 58th anniversary of their seminal album Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys hosted an unforgettable event at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. The celebration previewed their much-anticipated documentary, set to debut on Disney+ on May 24.

The film, aptly named The Beach Boys, offers fans a deep dive into the band’s monumental influence on the pop music landscape. Featuring exclusive interviews and rare archival footage, this documentary covers the group’s rise from pop sensations to enduring icons, providing a rare glimpse into their artistic evolution and the cultural phenomena they sparked.


Becoming Led Zeppelin: An Intimate Cinematic Experience

Led Zeppelin’s saga is uniquely chronicled in Becoming Led Zeppelin, a documentary that debuted as a work-in-progress at the Venice Film Festival in 2021. Directed by Bernard MacMahon, this film awaits its broader release under Sony Pictures Classics.

With new interviews from members Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones, and never-before-seen footage including that of the late John Bonham, the documentary offers a profound narrative of the band’s journey. From their explosive beginnings to their ascent as rock legends, the film is packed with personal perspectives, rare home movies, and unseen concert footage, promising a comprehensive portrayal that’s both intimate and grand, designed specifically for the big screen.


On Tour with Bruce Springsteen: A Documentary Chronicle

In Thom Zimny’s Road Diary: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, filmmaker Thom Zimny captures the essence of Bruce Springsteen’s current world tour. Set to premiere on Hulu and Disney+ in October, the documentary follows Springsteen and his band as they traverse the globe from February 2023 until November 2024. Mixing vibrant live performance footage with quiet backstage moments, the film offers an unparalleled look behind the scenes.

The documentary not only highlights the band’s dynamic performances but also delves into the personal bonds and rigorous realities of life on the road. Zimny’s close collaboration with Springsteen and his team ensures a rich, authentic view into the tour’s impact on both the performers and their audience. Learn more here.

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