Welcome to “HEY! Remember This Band?” Today We Talk About DINK from 1994

Ahhh, 1994.  A good, and BAD year for music.


We got some GREAT tracks in 1994, man.  Bad Religion gave us the “Stranger Than  Fiction” album,  Soundgarden released “Spoonman” and of COURSE we have to give love to Green Day’s famous “DOOKIE” album.

But for every “Sweater Song” or “Sabotage” ..  There’s a”Whatta Man” and a “Tootsee Roll” from the 69 Boyz.  I mean, Hell..  We had THREE Ace Of Base songs that year.  Come on!

So it’s easy to see how a band like “DINK” gets left in the dust.  BUT!  THERE was a band named DINK, and they had exactly one hit.


Green Mind hit the X96 airwaves, and they opened for KMFDM in ’95 when we attempted to kill the word “Alternative”.  That didn’t take, unfortunately.  But they were a fun band, and they even had a followup album in 1995.    Believe it or not, someone actually made a documentary about the band in 2011 titled:  Gangrene: The Dink Documentary.. 





I’m sure it’s very entertaining..  Probably.

But there you go!

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