X96 I.P.O. | April 18, 2021

X96’S Inital Public Offering : A full hour of new music every Sunday at 9 pm hosted by Corey O’Brien

  • Gary Numan “Intruder”
  • Arkells featuring K. Flay “You Can Get It”
  • Dreamers featuring Big Boi “Plam Reader”
  • Half Alive “What’s Wrong”
  • Death From Above 1979 “Modern Guy”
  • Imagine Dragons “Cutthroat”
  • St. Vincent “Pay Your Way in Pain”
  • Fitz “Head Up Hight”
  • The Offspring “This is Not Utopia”
  • Mansionair “More”
  • Cinders “Afternoon”
  • Garbage “The Men Who Rule the World”
  • The Black Keys “Crawling Kingsnake”
  • Almost Monday “Live Forver”
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