X96 Listeners’ Top Ten Albums of 2018

We asked. You told.

Yeah, 2018 was probably the year of hip-hop and there were some amazing records in that genre. Hell, rock was even pretty much declared dead in January. Then things looked promising again in October. Then rock was declared dead again in December. What’s a music lover to do? But hey, alternative, rock n’ roll, modern rock, indie, or whatever else you call it had some pretty big albums from a lot of our favorite artists.

Now, we know what we liked, but we are more interested in what albums connected with you. A month ago we asked you what your favorite album of 2018 is and hundreds of you told us. I can’t say we are shocked by the results. The biggest albums of the year rose to the top as they usually do. What was interesting was to see if The 1975 or twenty one pilots would take the top spot.

Here are the albums you told us were the best of 2018:

10. Fall Out Boy “M A N I A”

9. Alice in Chains “Rainier Fog”

8. Mumford and Sons “Delta”

7. A Perfect Circle “Eat the Elephant”

6. AWOLNATION “Here Come the Runts”

5. Imagine Dragons “Origins”

4. Blue October “I Hope You’re Happy”

3. The Interrupters “Fight the Good Fight”

2. twenty one pilots “Trench”

1. The 1975 “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”

And that wraps another year. Make sure to listen on New Year’s Eve and New Years Day to hear X96’s Top 50 Songs of 2018. Looking into the musical future for 2019, we’re looking forward to new music from Cage the Elephant, Walk the Moon, Vampire Weekend, Weezer, The Strokes, and more. Thanks for listening!

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