Radio From Hell

Bill Frost on TV for January 23rd, 2023

The Bachelor (Season 27, Monday Jan. 23, ABC/Hulu)


The Lazarus Project (New Series, Monday Jan. 23, TNT)


American Auto (Season 2, Tuesday Jan. 24, NBC/Peacock)


How I Met Your Father (Season 2, Tuesday Jan. 24, Hulu)


Poker Face (New Series, Thursday Jan. 26, Peacock)


Wolf Pack (New Series, Thursday Jan. 26, Paramount+)


Teen Wolf: The Movie (Movie, Thursday Jan. 26, Paramount+)


The 1619 Project (New Docuseries, Thursday Jan. 26, Hulu)


Shotgun Wedding (Movie, Friday Jan. 27, Prime Video)


You People (Movie, Friday Jan. 27, Netflix)


Lockwood & Co. (New Series, Friday Jan. 27, Netflix)


Shrinking (New Series, Friday Jan. 27, Apple TV+)

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